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Wedding Videographer Hertfordshire - Everything You Need To Know

1. Introduction

2. Why should you hire a videographer for your wedding?

3. What makes our Wedding Videography Unique?

4. Hiring our wedding videography is the best decision you'll make!

5. Our wedding videography Packages & Pricing Options

6. To wrap things up about wedding videography

1. Your wedding is one of the most important days in your life, and you want to capture every moment so that you can relive them over and over again. The best way to do this is with a professional videographer who has years of experience behind them. Our friendly team at Wedding Video Suffolk have been filming weddings for almost twenty years now, meaning that we have plenty of experience when it comes to capturing the magical day.

When planning for a wedding, the number of details to consider can feel overwhelming. Most couples wouldn’t even think to add videography to their list of priorities. However, this is one of the most important factors to consider when planning a wedding.

2. The fact is that almost 80% of people who get married regret not having a professional video made of their special day. The reasons for this are clear; it’s impossible to capture all the details and emotions from one perspective. Videography allows people in the future to relive the entire day and see things they may have missed, like small details, speeches, and the look on your partner’s face when you first saw each other.

There are many reasons why you should invest in professional wedding videography, including:

Videography has never been more popular thanks to the rise of social media. Getting your video professionally filmed will help you to preserve all of the memories from your special day. There’s no better way to do this than to hire a wedding videographer. Hiring a videographer is an excellent way to ensure that you have something to watch with your loved ones for years and years.

Videography is also a great way to capture the moments that are so often missed. Whether it’s your parents’ reaction, speeches, and the look on your partner’s face when you first saw each other.

3. Many traditional wedding videographers are going the way of the dinosaur, as amateur filmmakers and smartphone cameras capture their subjects in ways that were once reserved for high-end professional videographers. Our company is leading the charge with our unique style of storytelling, and we want to share it.

Our style is a combination of drone footage, slow motion shots and artistic transitions. It’s unique in that it emphasizes story over beautiful imagery. We don’t just take pretty pictures, we curate a story.

We want our audience to walk away feeling like they were there at the wedding, experiencing everything

4. Videography is becoming an essential part of every wedding. It captures all the moments that you don't get to see as a guest and you can watch it again and again, reliving your big day. Wedding videography is a must have for every couple's wedding.

When choosing a wedding videographer, keep in mind some important factors: the company's portfolio, style and cost.

Many couples choose a wedding videography package that includes multiple days of coverage, interviews with family and friends, photo montages, extended highlight videos and much more.

5. If you’re looking to capture your wedding day, we can help you. We offer several packages to fit your budget and needs. All packages are customizable, and the final cost will depend on your needs.

The Wedding Video Package includes coverage of the entire ceremony, including several different angles of the wedding party, parents and guests as they enter and exit the venue. The Ceremony Package is comparable to our Wedding Video Package, with an exception that it focuses solely on the entrance and exit of the bride and groom.

The One-Hour Ceremony Package allows you to get a professional video recording of just the Ceremony.

6.  Wedding videos are a good investment for newly-weds. Wedding videos are not only for showing off ones' love but also for the family and guests to see.

With the help of Wedding Videographer Hertfordshire, you can relive your wedding day anytime you want, especially when the bride and groom gets old. It doesn't matter whether it is a great life experience or a bad one. A wedding video can be a great source for you to hide that bad memory.

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